Incentives Matrix

The Incentives Matrix will help you mobilize available incentives at the federal, state and local level to encourage specific smart growth projects in your community.

This tool provides a quick way to survey and summarize the various incentive programs that the federal government and many states and communities have provided to encourage redevelopment of brownfields, adaptive reuse of historic buildings, infill development and compact, mixed-use development.

It will help your community centralize all information about these programs, making potential smart growth development projects more attractive to would be developers.

Using the Incentives Matrix

You can use this tool to catalog available incentives (federal, state, local) particularly for projects that will help achieve your community’s vision for smarter growth.

You can use this tool as a template to gather information and learn more about a particular incentive program (e.g. “Enterprise Zone Tax Credits”).

You can use the information during a project review process to encourage developers to revise their projects with more elements that achieve your community’s vision. In return, your community can provide the specific designation that the incentive program requires before the project can qualify for the incentives.

You can use this tool to review if the incentives your community provides match up with the needs of the projects you want to encourage.

To download the Incentives Matrix (PDF), click here.
To download the Incentives Matrix (.doc), click here.