Quick Diagnostic

The Smart Growth Quick Diagnostic is a simple flowchart that will help you to understand which of the Smart Growth Implementation Tools can best help your community.

Most communities that begin the work of changing their growth and development patterns do so because they are facing one of the following situations:

  • Your community is facing issues related to land use (water, farm preservation, bases conversion, etc.);
  • Your community is facing rapid growth and may be experiencing the adverse effects of that growth (congestion, stress on the local services, constrained budgets, etc.);
  • Your community is considering a development or redevelopment project in a significant location;
  • Your community is considering providing incentives to a project that will help achieve your community’s vision for smarter growth;
  • Your community is working on a new vision for your shared future; or,
  • Your community is revising its plans, policies or codes to help achieve its new vision.

Each situation will require different tools in the Smart Growth Implementation Toolkit (in different combinations). This very simple flow chart will direct you to the right set of tools and the best order to use them

Using the Quick Diagnostic

The first part of the tool is a simple flow chart that asks questions answerable with yes or no. Follow the arrows and redirections (e.g. –”go to page 3″) to get to the recommended tools and actions.

The last page of the tool is a matrix that lets you to select the tools you need and defines your primary task to help your community achieve its vision for smarter growth.

To download the Quick Diagnostic (PDF), click here.
To download the Quick Diagnostic (.doc), click here.