Strategy Builder

The Smart Growth Strategy Builder will help you to create a strategy for building the momentum your community needs to achieve its vision for smarter growth. It will help you to think strategically about smart growth implementation.

Very few communities are ready to completely revise their policies, codes and zoning all at once. Leaders in most communities must first build support for the new community vision. Achieving your community’s vision for smarter growth requires taking strategic steps that will gain quick wins and build long-term commitment.

This tool will help you map and understand the issues that either support or hinder smart growth. There will be many challenges but there will also be many opportunities. This tool will help you identify the opportunities and challenges in your community.

Using the Strategy Builder

Depending on what your community needs, you can use this whole tool or you can use segments of this tool.

You can use the questions as a way to frame your thinking about smart growth implementation in your community.

You can use this tool as a group discussion guide to help you discover what opportunities and challenges you may have overlooked as you build support around your community’s vision. (e.g. Are there local leaders or groups you have not yet tapped?)

You can use this tool to learn how to lead change in your community. What issues can help to build support for smarter growth?

You can use as a complete exercise to examine all the critical factors that help or hinder your community’s vision.

To download the Strategy Builder (PDF), click here.
To download the Strategy Builder (.doc), click here.