Advisory Board

The Local Leaders Council’s Advisory Board provides ongoing guidance to Smart Growth America on issues of strategy, management, process, and policy development. Advisory Board Members also serve as spokespeople for smart growth and promote strategies both regionally and nationally.

Mick Cornett (Co-Chair)
Oklahoma City, OK“Cities should be designed for people, not cars.”Watch a video with Mayor Cornett >>
Madeline Rogero (Co-Chair)
Knoxville, TN“We must reinvest where disinvestment has occurred, focusing on redevelopment from the center and then out, while preserving our natural resources and cultural and historic assets.”Watch a video with Mayor Rogero >>
Scott Avedisian
Warwick, RI“We all realize that quality of life issues are paramount goals. Smart growth allows us to preserve quality of life.”Watch a video with Mayor Avedisian >>
Lisa Bender
Minneapolis, MN“My goal is to support the continued growth of my community by adding residents and jobs; improving transit, walking, and bicycling; and supporting small businesses, the arts, and the beautiful lakes that make the community unique.”
Jim Brainard
Carmel, IN“The creation of a new downtown and arts district has breathed new life into forgotten areas of our city and given residents new opportunities to live, work, and play right in Carmel.”
Rick Danner
Greer, SC“Proactive smart growth planning has enabled Greer to embrace an orderly approach to dealing with 10% growth a year.”Watch a video with Mayor Danner >>
Sheila Eckman
County Commissioner
Lee County, AL“Ten years ago there was little sentiment for smart growth among elected officials in Auburn. But the people cared…progress has been made.”Watch a video with Commissioner Eckman >>
John Engen
Missoula, MT“Smart growth, for me, is about maintaining a sense of place on a scale that human beings, young and old, rich and poor, and everyone in between can understand.”Watch a video with Mayor Engen >>
Ed Gonzalez
Houston, TX“My interest in smart growth stems from my intense passion for creating great communities.”Watch a video with Councilmember Gonzalez >> 
Shing-Fu Hsueh
West Windsor, NJ“I have been going through all the issues associated with zoning and planning. Hopefully, this will serve as a platform for public officials to learn from one another.”Watch a video with Mayor Hsueh >>
Brad Lander
New York, NY“Growth that is sustainable, equitable, and shaped by resident input is essential to the success of our communities.”Watch a video with Councilmember Lander >>
Moore Ken Moore
Franklin, TN “Implementing smart growth strategies will facilitate matching vision and policy.” Watch a video with Mayor Moore >>
Ruth Randleman
Carlisle, IA“When evaluating infrastructure needs, stormwater concerns, and land use issues, it quickly became apparent that good planning was critical to saving tax payer dollars, protecting property values, preserving natural resources, and maintaining citizen choices.”Watch a video with Mayor Randleman >>
Lewis Reed
President, Board of Aldermen
St. Louis, MO“Smart growth is building safe, diverse, and walkable neighborhoods where small business districts flourish, where owning a car is optional and riding a bike is comfortable, where schools nearby exceed expectations, where historic buildings are preserved whenever possible, and where cultural amenities meld in with the landscape.”
Dave Richins
Mesa, AZ“There need to be more choices and better options for our market place in order to build up and strengthen our community.”Watch a video with Councilmember Richins >>
str Marilyn Strickland
Tacoma, WA“When we talk about smart growth – transportation, affordable housing, economic development – those things are all connected. And so in many ways you can’t talk about one without the other.”Watch a video with Mayor Strickland >>
Kathy Rinaldi
Former County Commissioner
Teton County, ID“I see smart growth as the one-stop-shopping for the sustainability movement.”Watch a video with Former Commissioner Rinaldi >>
Tommy Wells (Board Member Emeritus)
Former Councilmember, Ward 6
Washington, DC“I have led the effort to create livable, walkable communities in my ward in DC through tax incentives, government agency interventions, neighborhood school reform, and articulating a vision for new development.”Watch a video with Former Councilmember Wells >>
Mark Mallory (Board Member Emeritus)
Former Mayor
Cincinnati, OH“Smart Growth leads to communities that people want to live in, communities that are designed for people and not cars.”Watch a video with Former Mayor Mallory >>
Anu Natarajan (Board Member Emeritus)
Former Vice-Mayor
Fremont, CA“I led the General Plan update process to move Fremont from a car-oriented suburb to a strategic urban city linking land use and transit.”Watch a video with Former Vice-Mayor Natarajan >>
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