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Are you a local elected or public appointed official who is interested in smart growth solutions for your community? Apply here to become a part of Smart Growth America’s Local Leaders Council.

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*What are your main focus areas during your term(s) in office? Check any that apply.
Affordable housingBetter bus serviceBicycling & pedestrian facilities
Brownfields and greyfieldsPublic health (e.g., obesity, active living)Economic development
Car-sharingPublic plazas and parksForm based code
Expanding/protecting public transitSenior livingRevitalizing downtowns
Public transit financingStormwater managementRevitalizing main streets
Protection of natural areasParking managementStreetcar and light rail
Revitalizing underserved neighborhoodsVacant propertiesZoning reform
Other (specify)

*In a few words, describe your smart growth vision. For example, you might discuss what smart growth means to you; how smart growth strategies could strengthen your community; or simply why you are interested in smart growth.  [700 character max]
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*What would you like assistance with as a member of the Local Leaders Council? Check any that apply.
Meeting and networking with fellow local leaders
Partnership/mentorship from another local leader on a specific topic
Information on grants and free technical assistance for local planning and projects
Assistance in crafting and moving one or more specific policies
Reviews of best policies and practices in smart growth by municipalities
Assistance in designing a larger smart growth agenda for my community
Implementation assistance for a new program or policy

*Would you like to be partnered with a fellow local leader for advice or mentorship on a particular topic?
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I have expertise and can offer assistance to another leader.
No thanks, not at this time
*Would you like to join our network of leaders in rural communities?
Have you attended or plan to attend any of the following major conferences?
National League of CitiesNew Partners for Smart GrowthRailvolution
United States Conference of MayorsUrban Land InstituteOther (specify)

Membership Pledge
Smart Growth America’s Local Leaders Council is a nonpartisan group of local elected and appointed officials who share a passion for building great towns, cities, and communities.

We are committed to making our hometowns grow and compete more effectively in today’s economy by making strategic infrastructure investments that link transportation and housing choices with economic development.

From revitalizing our main streets and downtowns to preserving the character of our rural communities, we believe our long-term economic health and security lies in increasing access to jobs, services, and education for everyone.

We support investing in our existing communities and creating healthy, vibrant places where people can live, work, and play; seniors can safely age in place; and all residents can enjoy a high quality of life. Such communities are not only great places to live, but they attract businesses and jobs and generate a better return on taxpayer investment.

As a public official, I believe smart growth strategies help achieve these outcomes and I accept the invitation to become a member of Smart Growth America’s Local Leaders Council.

*Yes, I endorse the Local Leaders Council membership pledge.