(Re)Building Downtown


Successful economic development is increasingly about creating great, walkable, connected places. Does your community have the policies and plans to capture this market?

Smart Growth America’s (Re)Building Downtown workshops are designed to help your community get ready for walkable development quickly and efficiently. We help local public officials identify strategies to do this, including improving regulations for land use, establishing clear public investment practices, and reforming administrative processes. We also work with you to develop data-driven policy arguments to demonstrate the benefits of walkable downtown development.

We offer scalable consultations and technical assistance. Our work begins with a preliminary assessment to help understand your unique opportunities and challenges. The assessment is followed by tailored training for local officials in the strategic fundamentals of successfully building a downtown—old or new, large or small. We can help to create implementation plans and generate analysis to provide quantitative substantiation of downtown development’s fiscal and economic potential.

We conduct workshops for elected leaders and other local government officials. We can also conduct workshops with key stakeholders and representatives of the general public, if desired. This includes presentations on the latest data on trends, and our own strategic framework for downtown revitalization, and facilitation of discussion leading to development of an action plan.