Multimodal Development and Delivery

Thriving economies need access to workers, materials, and markets, and thriving communities need transportation networks that address the diverse needs of residents. To develop and deliver safe, efficient, and cost-effective transportation systems in the context of 21st Century economic and demographic shifts, many transportation agencies around the country are updating their missions and practices to encompass a broader range of travel modes.

Multimodal Development and Delivery (M2D2) is a technical assistance approach that helps transportation agencies meet changing demands on their systems. Now encouraged by the 2015 federal transportation act, the FAST Act, we do this by building internal capacity to deliver Practical Solutions during planning, design, construction, operations, and maintenance. Smart Growth America works with agencies to identify ways to update documents and decision-making approaches to meet and balance the needs of motorists, freight handlers, bicyclists, pedestrians, transit riders, and other travelers in a variety of contexts. This approach helps provide a safe, healthy, reliable, and equitable transportation network that works for all modes of travel and reduces costs.

Download: M2D2 flyer (pdf)

Products and services

Smart Growth America tailors each M2D2 project to the needs of the partner agency. In a typical project, we deliver the following services.

1. A series of interactive training workshops provided to agency staff and other stakeholders as appropriate. M2D2 workshops educate participants on national best practices in addressing and balancing the needs of specific travel modes and facilitate discussions about opportunities to update agency documents and practices. Typical workshop topics include:

  • Practical Solutions overview, integrating land use and transportation, and community engagement & equity
  • Active transportation and health
  • Transit and traffic operations
  • Freight logistics and design
  • Application of Practical Solutions to existing projects: community engagement, Least Cost Planning, Practical Design, and the Highway Safety Manual

2. A detailed implementation plan outlining an approach and schedule for:

  • Updating standards, guidance, procedures, policies, and practices to provide staff with the tools to meet and balance the needs of all modes of travel.
  • Engaging agency staff and other partners and customers in the implementation process.
  • Applying best practices to existing projects underway in different phases of development.
  • Conducting ongoing education and training to help staff and other partners use the revised documents effectively.

Partner States

The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) and Smart Growth America developed the pilot M2D2 initiative in 2013 to support MDOT’s mission to provide the highest quality integrated transportation services for economic benefit and improved quality of life. The project resulted in a plan for making systematic revisions to agency procedures, practices, standards, and manuals to address the needs of all travel modes. Smart Growth America is currently assisting MDOT in launching a process to make the revisions.

Download the work plan: M2D2: Multimodal Development and Delivery (PDF)

The Vermont Agency of Transportation (VTrans) engaged Smart Growth America to help launch an update to the state’s roadway design standards and related documents in order to keep pace with the state of the practice in highway engineering and meet the diverse needs of state residents and communities. Smart Growth America worked with VTrans staff and other partners to develop a work plan for updating the standards to enable a more context-sensitive approach to design and balance the needs of all modes of travel. VTrans and Smart Growth America unveiled the work plan in March of 2015.

Download the work plan: Revising the Vermont State Standards (PDF)

FDOT Complete Streets Implementation PlanFlorida
Smart Growth America has partnered with the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) to help implement the Department’s new Complete Streets Policy, adopted in September 2014. Through an M2D2 workshop series, Smart Growth America and FDOT developed an ambitious and comprehensive Complete Streets Implementation Plan with a five-part framework and process to fully integrate a context-sensitive Complete Streets approach into the department’s practices, decisions, and investments. The plan will guide a two-year department-wide implementation initiative.

Download the FDOT Complete Streets Implementation Plan (PDF)

Learn more about the FDOT Complete Streets Implementation initiative.

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Download: M2D2 flyer (pdf)